The Information Website for the Health & Welfare of the St Bernard

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A website designed by the breeds St Bernard Clubs throughout the UK. The information contained in these pages, is aimed towards raising & breeding a healthier  St Bernard for new & existing owners alike.

As with ANY medical condition/illness you must consult YOUR VET if you are worried. These pages are for information only & we take no responsibility if you ignore any signs of sickness from your dog.

With the ever growing sceptism within the Pedigree Dog world, St Bernards unfortunately became one of the breeds that has come under the spotlight regarding problems that seem to have appeared or become more apparent over the last few years.

Because of this, the St Bernard Breed Clubs (The English, The Eastern, The Scottish & The United) formed a 'Health & Welfare Group' under the guidance of The Kennel Club. Each Club has Commitee members to represent them, & it is the intention that we meet regularly to discuss problems, issues & any concerns regarding our lovely breed. We have a Breed Health Co-Ordinator who liaises with the Kennel Club Health Co-ordinator & a Breed Health  Assessor who will keep copies of the upcoming Visual Health Assessments.

Your Health Group are:

Tanya Booth, Kathy Lane, Penny Forrest, Maureen Gwillam, Judy McMurray,  Simon Millward, Yvonne Millward, Gordon Booth.

Breed Health Co-Ordinator: Tanya Booth

Breed Health Assessor: Tanya Booth

Treasurer: Judy McMurray

Accessible Population Record Keeper: Yvonne Millward (Recording of active show dogs each year)

The aim of the H & W Group is to educate not only future or existing owners of the problems that currently exist, but also to look further into the problems & help find ways of encouraging both Breeders, Exhibitors & pet owners to make use of the current health screening that is readily available.

On the following pages, we hope to bring information regarding various ailments that currently hinder the breed & the tests that can be done to help eradicate them.

We cannot take responsibility for any of the advice contained in this website. It is for information only and all information contained in these pages can also be readily found on the internet.

This site is not funded and has no allegiance to any organisations or persons.

Our aims are only that information be available to those that seek it.


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